Exactly how to set up Bi Xenon Projector Housing in CCAG CS75

In the majority of time, several car adjusting Lovers upgrade their factory halogen headlight into HID light bulb. However it is a little difficulty. Setting up a HID bulb, it should be match with the projector and also the ballast. While some individuals will think it is a bothersome. They will favor to upgrade the front lights housing. One of our clients do that, He drive his CS75 for regarding 10,000 kilometers.

The new housing DRL, Hella bi xenon projector for low beam, Iwasaki D2H HID light bulb, BMC reflector for high beam of light, H1 halogen light bulb as well as Aozoom ballast. He went to our store to finish the tuning.

  • The install steps were rather basic, it did not require lots of difficult work to fit the projector and test light beam pattern.
  • The whole accessories were all placed in the housing. Simply disassemble the OEM housing and put the new one in it.

Open up the bumper as well as take off the housing. After completing the installment, the light examination is essential also.


It did not set up a projector and also projector headlights retrofit light bulb, check if the lights are functioning correctly. All points are done, place the bumper right into the cars and truck as well as adjust the light beam pattern again.


An auto, specifically in the night driving, requires a risk-free illumination guarantee, of course, the height and brightness of the light need to be within in a sensible variety. Do not adjust the elevation of low beam expensive, although you are driving with low beam, the SUV design is too high. So the low beam will be emit farther, that would certainly impact the safety and security of opposite driving.


Hi There Beam LED Lens Upgrade Overview on Buick Regal

Our customer’s sight isn’t great, especially in the evening. He used to be nearly blind on rainy nights. So he wants much more light as well as already purchased an AOZOOM Hi there Beam of light LED Lens package from our aliexpress, as well as bring it to our store for setup. He said he had actually heard from some that this is incredible for night driving in rural areas.

Here is the high beam led projector package our customer brought that includes 2 pics Aozoom Hi-Lens Led High Beam Of Light Projector, 2 computers Lock Rings and also Light Bulb Caps.

The setup is as listed below:
1. Ready for the breakdown – Took headlights back apart, reduced out plastic around the projector, took off the reflector
We can discover the projector can not scat the beam successfully, and the light can not concentrate.

2. Bake in the oven – put the headlight right into the stove regarding 215 levels to dissolve the adhesive.

3. Mount the Hey there beam LED Lens, we need to drill the keep in the projector to deal with the aftermarket lens

4. Set up the lens as well as the led bulb, it needs to examine the light to adhere to the Roadway Safety Policy

5. Mount the housing – securing it with cool glue to stay clear of leakage. The adhesive needs to be heated up at a constant temperature level so that the real estate can stick to the base very closely.

6. When all is placed up, it is time to end up the installment and also make the last light examination.
It is the complete view of the brand-new replacement of the Hello Beam Of Light LED Lens, with a high-performance projector that uses an uniform illumination as well as high brightness for night driving.

The set was plug in and also play (all the proper ports). We utilize a relay to make this work and also does not overload any type of circuit.

The illumination is noticeably enhanced and the shade of the lights works excellent on stormy evenings, unclear nights, as well as dry nights. We took an examination drive on a country freeway and also on a freeway in a pouring rain, sleet, snow, mist from semi-truck tires, and also some droughts as well. Vision differs from excellent to fantastic depending on problems.

Our client was pleased with the brand-new upgrade, he will certainly not annoy concerning the dark beam and also the bad eyesight any even more. Currently he can drive his car on road with a solid infiltration to maintain safe.

Update reflector to the projector can be useful to the motorist himself and the contrary chauffeur also. With a crisp lighting can protect the drivers from the dazzle approaching traffic. If you intend to retrofit your headlight or have some question concerning the retrofit projector, please cost-free feeling to call us, we are willing to answer and take care of every one of your issues and supply you a satisfied solution to reach the most effective driving variation.